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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

The political ruling class and their mass media minions do not understand the reason for Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s popularity. The American public is realizing the political ruling class of both parties, the Republican and Democrat parties, are joined at the hip. There are no differences between them except for their rhetoric. They are after the same things: power, money and retaining their power positions in Washington, D.C.

The voters are witnessing obvious massive government lying and corruption that is being dismissed as business as usual. Both parties are playing the same games except when a republican is “outed” the politician resigns while a democrat would receive a pass and the episode disappears.  The republicans have accepted their role as the minority party. As long as they do not attempt  to challenge the progressive establishment, the ruling class will keep them in the “good ole boy” D.C. system.

President Obama’s administration has exponentially politicized the office. Every event is seen through the lens of how we can protect and promote the presidency. A recent outrageous revelation was Eric Holder, as head of the Justice Department, had used his office to commit a blatant act of political corruption. He squeezed the major financial companies involved in the subprime housing market by coercing them into contributing to left wing organizations or they would not be able to continue their financial business. This “Pay to Play” scheme has been alleged throughout this administration. There is no ongoing investigation into this scandal or others at this time. It is business as usual.

The emails of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state that are being released by the State Department are eye openers. They directly contradict the Obama claim that there was no time for the armed forces to protect our ambassador and our people in Benghazi. The administration officials including President Obama, former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated there was no stand down order given to the troops.  They insisted there was not time enough to have saved the lives of government officials and workers in Benghazi. The released emails of Hillary Clinton have shown this not to be true and show her total disregard for protecting top secret intelligence.

President Obama did not alert congress that the trade for Bowe Bergdahl who left his military post would involve five high level Al Quida leaders. He understood it would cause an uproar with American citizens. President Obama did it anyway to attempt to fulfill his policy of closing Guantanamo. He portrayed Bowe Bergdahl in the Rose Garden as a hero instead of the traitor he appears to be to his fellow squadron mates.

Press secretary, Josh Earnest, when addressing the media said only 10% of those released from Guantanamo return to the ISIS battlefield. However, the military generals are reporting that one third of those released return to the battlefield. This factual discrepancy was not addressed or questioned by the state run media.

Iran has tested a second missile when they agreed not to test any. The UN or the United States did nothing to protest this act even though the administration unequivocally stated that any transgressions by Iran would result in automatically making any nuclear agreement with them null and void. The ruling class and media establishment have ignored this and other incidents of disregarding the rules of the agreement such as complying with inspection and testing of ballistic missiles. These missiles can reach Israel, Europe and eventually the United States.

The President continues to insist ISIS is losing ground in the middle east and there is no credible threat of terrorism in the United States. He continues to refuse to call any incident Islamic terrorism, instead he wants to refer to incidents as “work place violence.” Even after Fort Hood; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Paris; the Boston Marathon bombing and even the San Bernardino terrorist connections with middle east terrorist organizations, the administration still refuses to make the obvious connection.

These and almost daily revelations of what some people call political incompetence are most likely Chicago type “Pay to Play” sanctioned corruption. Decisions are being made for the benefit of the ruling class members of both parties rather than the people. Our politicians are guided by the “it is all about money and power” rule.

These shenanigans are a replay of the end of the representative government in the Roman Empire. The entire structural government from top to bottom became corrupt. General Octavian who became Augustus, which means “the revered one,” changed the direction of the entire Roman Empire. He had the allegiance of the military and people of the nation to become the first emperor.  The Roman Empire was put on a moral foundation by his leadership that led to 200 years of peace for its people. “Pax Romana.”

Character of a leader does matter to a nation. A government head sets the tone for the people. A moral head of state is strikingly different from an immoral one. Citizens follow and imitate the thinking and actions of the person in charge. Immoral and moral decisions end in diametrically opposed places. The peoples’ vote in an honest election does matter. It will determine the future of America.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

It is common for children to correct their parents at every opportunity. In our modern culture children are exposed in the mass media especially on television where advertisements of youngsters cleverly push the envelope of parental rules.

In one commercial an infant with the aid of his dog is somehow able to rig up a pulley system to get the bread off the top of the refrigerator while the mother looks stunned. This mother is unable to prevent even her infant son from getting the food she does not want him to have. The child is outsmarting his parent. The GEICO Peter Pan commercial emphasizes youth getting away with saying socially inappropriate things to adults. The adult always looks stupid and the child smart. This subliminal message has been communicated to the masses by the media for decades.

This propaganda has taken root in the American psyche, foremost with parents. Today’s parents see their children as so “smart and cute.” They permit their children to say outrageous, negative things about them. There are no verbal or physical reprimands to the offensive statements. These negative remarks and behavior are overlooked by the adult but not by the child.  These unchallenged comments paint a pathetic picture of parents in the child’s mind.

When a child puts down his parents for whatever reason, his future becomes a little more bleak. The youngster is underscoring a behavior that increases the probability that he would repeat it. Often this mass media exposure is so powerful that the child believes his “put down” behavior is necessary to be seen as cool. Instead of role modeling his parent’s positive behavior the child does the opposite. Disrespecting of parents confuses the youngster as to what direction to go to define his personality as he matures. The child begins to unconsciously resist all of his parent’s advice and life style, which leads to alienating other authority figures. This disrespecting eventually results in the child not liking himself.

Moreover, the uncertainty of his parent’s ability to guide and protect him and the fog of defining oneself is disconcerting. The youngster’s self-evaluation becomes an ordeal. This is the period the youngster begins to evaluate himself. The most influential people in his young life are the parents, both for the intensity of their intimate interactions and their undisputable genetic traits that were transmitted to him. If the youngster views his parents as ignorant losers all the knowledge they attempt to share with him is discarded. This makes his adolescence a more difficult stage then it should be.

Like it or not his parents initiated and guided his life up to this period. The youngster now has the choice and responsibility to take over the process to define himself. Every time he disrespects his parents without any resistance it tacitly shows his parents are weak. A person who views his parents as weak, or worse as worthless, starts life off in a poor position to become proud of himself. He has either suffered the realization that he is an ungrateful, self-centered brat or these parents were indeed dysfunctional failures. In either case his nasty behavior to his parents did not help him learn to be a better person.

Often these parents do not want to imitate their own parent’s take-charge behavior. They remember how they felt when they were reprimanded rather than acknowledge an important lesson learned. The momentary pain experienced was minor compared to one’s character development, which they overlooked or never realized. Short-term pain for long-term gain eludes many parents.

By being a good, obedient child, he would have developed good habits and skills no matter how useless his parents appear to be. Being nasty and rebellious towards them would only reinforce his worse traits. From then on he would own those disrespectful behaviors that would translate into his not being able to respect himself.

Many decent and loving parents produce defiant children. Besides the embarrassment the parents have to endure, the main concern should be their child’s bleak future. A child’s misbehavior will get him into trouble with other authority figures.  The youngster’s snarky attitude and offensive actions to teachers, extra curricular instructors, the police and any other adults can escalate many situations into crises. These other significant people will define him as troubled, nasty, anti social or worse a potential danger.

Being disrespectful to any authority often leads to confrontation. When the authority is evil it is a sign of inspirational courage to defy them. When the disrespect is directed at weak, ineffectual, loving parents it is a mean and harmful act. The same holds true when disrespectful behavior is directed at an honorable and helpful authority figure such as a principal, judge or police officer. These powerful figure’s actions can result in the youngsters placement in a psychiatric program or incarceration. The disrespect says more about the person being the disrespectful one rather than the one being mistreated.

Not only does the disrespect hurt the people who gave him life but self-defines him as a self-centered abuser of others.  Being disrespectful to decent parents and others is a self-destructive act that has no long-term positive outcome.

Self-respect starts with being grateful for what a person has. All people are imperfect thus are all parents. Disrespecting of others is the surest way not to be able to respect oneself.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

In the past universities were physically safe for teenagers to have a four-year hiatus to transition into adulthood. Many students enjoyed the free campus life so much that many became professional students. This was not surprising since the normal rules for civil behavior were relaxed. Streaking, easy access to drugs, alcohol and sex were protected practices on university property. Campuses were havens for self-indulgence approaching a hedonistic lifestyle.

These reality free zones offer not only the suspension of normal rules and laws of behavior but an experience to exchange and share ideas without consequences. There was tolerance by traditional Americans for not only unconventional behavior but for different thoughts and opinions. It was where tolerance of different ideas was held in the highest esteem. This has changed drastically.

In the 1960s anti establishment revolution students were granted immense power on university campuses. They were allowed to take over administrative offices, to freely express their Marxist ideas through the media. They had strikes and protests on and off campus to receive publicity and spread their radical progressive ideas among the American people. These anti establishment students became mass media celebrities. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin were introduced into our living rooms through television. They were socialists who used anarchist tactics. The burning of the American flag, hatred of the military and degrading speech towards anything related to traditional America was their targeted message.

Today the “establishment” is what was then called “anti establishment.” The counter Cultural Revolution was eventually victorious putting the university and the media front and center protecting their sacred progressive ideals. The progressive establishment now will not tolerate the “free speech” of non-Marxists and traditional ideas. The power has shifted and so has the intolerance for free speech.

The 1960 clowns pushed the limits of decent behavior and speech. They are more than hypocrites; they are intolerant repressors of liberty. Conservative speaking engagements are cancelled by minority protests. The presenters who are able to begin their lectures are assaulted by pies and other objects to prevent their ideas from being uttered. Traditional speakers have to hire their own security guards before attempting to give their speeches. Too many dedicated educators refuse to appear at universities due to the physical danger. The freedom of speech on college campuses has been stifled by a united front of tenured Marxist professors and their mass media minions.   

The constant pounding of the message that adopting Marxist ideology would solve all America’s ills has been successful. The vast majority of university students have been absolutely convinced and empowered to be “soldiers of intolerance” advocating for Marxist ideas while preventing any “subversive” traditional ones from being introduced on campus.

According to these brainwashed students there is no more need to have free discussions since the establishment Marxist ideas are absolutely unassailable. Discussion would reopen a consensus that has already been settled. The truth of Marxism is not open for debate. It is the reason why any traditional heretic should be shouted down and removed from any open forum.  

These “soldiers of intolerance” have been armed with political correctness to limit critical thinking. Hate speech is another tool that restricts any non-progressive thinking from entering the arena of ideas. The newest and most frightening weapon is allowing the subjective feelings of these university “student soldiers” to convict a traditional student of politically incorrect speech and thinking. These traditional provocateurs should not be tolerated but vanquished and banned from college campuses. According to this new group think strategy only the believers in Marxism should be permitted to attend college. All students with contrary beliefs should be expelled for their emotionally disturbing beliefs. This guilty before proven innocent is enough for the expulsion of the accused student.

Universities protect their crybaby “student soldiers” by establishing safe spaces for Marxists to regroup when knowledgeable and persuasive non-indoctrinated students challenge them. Using this university strategy the administrators can enlarge the safe spaces to intimidate and reduce the areas allowed for opposing ideas and ultimately offer freedom of speech. The repressive rules of engagement for open debate are crushing students searching for the truth.

The university centers of indoctrination have to be eliminated and replaced with an open forum to encourage the search for knowledge and truth. Any student who assaults or intimidates another for expressing his or her ideas should receive sufficient consequences to stop this behavior or be expelled.  There should be no excuses for impeding free speech by any student regardless of ideological orientation.

Political tolerance of ideas is essential in our Constitutional Republic. Every citizen, Marxist or not should demand it.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DC's Suspension Quotas are Qrecking Havoc on our Public Schools

By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

The Justice Department and the Department of Education are directly intervening in public schools. On January 8, 2014, President Obama’s administration recommended ending “zero tolerance for violence in the schools.”  In order to accomplish this the Justice department is scrutinizing public schools just like they are doing selectively with local law enforcement throughout the country. The intention is to change enforcing policies to lower black student suspensions in school.

The federal bureaucracies have statistically found that black students are three times more likely to be suspended from school than white students. They have concluded that suspensions lead to a pipeline to prison for these students. Progressives have interpreted this as systematic public school discrimination against blacks. The solution by intrusive federal investigators to lower suspensions is to intimidate local school officials and local education board members with threats of losing federal funds.

An incident in South Carolina where a police officer attempted to pull a disruptive female student from her chair was splashed across the media. It was to demonstrate the violence of the police against black teenagers. The fact of the situation was that neither the assistant principal nor the principal could get the disruptive girl to cooperate and gave the problem over to the police officer to handle.

The disruptive female student refused to comply. It was only after these failed interventions by the administrators that the resource officer resorted to physically removing her from the classroom. The so called “excessive force” by the police officer was the result of the defiant student’s behavior that escalated until the officer needed to drag her from the chair.  In a cowardly performance the superintendent of the school district threw the officer under the bus by firing him. The federal bureaucrats are being effective in reshaping local school policy by thuggery.

This federal approach has had the same impact on suspensions as it has in law enforcement where the “Ferguson Effect” has lowered arrests while local crime has significantly increased. The suspension of black students has significantly decreased by half in many districts while disruptions and violent behavior are up. Federal intervention in local school affairs will change what was developed over time as the best local practices into a new operation procedure. The problem with this process of calling the shots from DC to force a change in these procedures does not solve the root issue of providing a safe education environment for students to learn.

It is verifiable that suspensions have decreased but making these acting out, disruptive students becoming better behaved is not being addressed or tracked. Teachers have stopped requesting suspensions because they understand their personal consequences for their reporting them. These requests for suspensions have to go to an area supervisor who is under pressure to meet the federal quotas. Invariably the teachers overlook offences to maintain their positions.

Many of the infractions like threatening or even assaulting teachers and students, disobeying commands, using cell phones in class, wandering in the halls, pushing, and wearing inappropriate attire are being overlooked and are becoming rampant. The excellent students have become targets making learning almost impossible. The less motivated students attempt to blend in by imitating the thugs’ behavior instead of being assaulted.  These students would not have acted out in a more disciplined environment. Disrespect and chaos are spreading.

This lack of reporting of offences emboldens the anti social students to increase their acting-out making the school climate more dangerous and frightening to all students especially those who want to do well in school. The bureaucratic administrators will explain away the increase in chaos. They will do this in the same way all failed federal programs have been explained over decades. A spokesperson will state that the chaos is caused by a lack of sufficient funding to schools for more personnel and increases in salaries for additional specialists.

This is always the reason given for any problem. Only if there were more psychologists, assistant principals, social workers, guidance counselors, teaching training programs, the quota system for suspensions would work. The fallback position of being under funded is becoming increasingly hard to swallow. We spend more total money on education than any other nation.

It is not about the lack of money but how we are using our immense resources. The pertinent issue is the intrusion by the feds into our local public schools further disrupting them from offering a quality education. The hand of the feds meddling in local schools will end any hope of returning to a wholesome education. The federal government is solidifying their power to micromanage all aspects of education and other institutions.

This approach in public education is frightening as there are no checks and balances to protect the rights of students, parents and teachers. That is needed to ensure a quality education from these federal bureaucrats. Our schools are supposed to be locally controlled according to our constitution to efficiently meet the needs of local communities, students and parents.

Without local control our schools will rapidly become indoctrination centers of the all powerful central government.  This should be stopped and reversed. It will only happen by the strong voice of the people.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

The political elites have been wrong over and over again in this political season. They say Donald Trump will lose his lead in the polls after every politically incorrect statement he makes. He continues to befuddle the pundits as a political outsider. The other outsiders: Ben Carson, surgeon; Carly Fiorina, business woman are dropping and Tea Party candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are moving up in the polls.

The political establishment candidates: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and others have remained behind the outsiders. It is driving the establishment insane. They believe they have the ordained right to anoint anyone they choose. The ruling class does not comprehend why their power is not absolute.

The reason is so obvious but it is not being touched with a ten-foot pole by any of these all-knowing “experts.” Millions of Americans marched various times in Washington, D.C. and throughout in the country. This movement became known as “The Tea Party.” It was denounced at every turn not only by the democrats and media but also the republican establishment. They were lambasted as a bunch of old white, naïve, kooks, racists, religious fanatics, uneducated rednecks and many more derogatory terms.

The mainstream media played down the millions of Tea Party marchers.  It was not newsworthy according to the progressive media.  When it was mentioned the media  focused on obnoxious behavior who were reported to be Tea Party members even though they were not. They were members of the fringe LaRouche party who were armed with inappropriate anti-Obama posters. These imposters were booed down by Tea Party Members, which was not reported. All the media misinformation was part of their effort to discredit this grassroots movement.

These marches were orderly and spotlessly clean events with families and people of every socio economic, racial, ethnic background and age. It was and is truly an energetic grassroots movement that grew from frustration of both party politicians saying one thing to voters then doing the opposite when they got into power.

The Tea Party disappeared from the mainstream media. There was a change of tactics by individual members who focused on using the Internet to disperse information or appear on conservative radio and television shows. They donated money to get the word out to the American public. Furthermore they appeared at local political events speaking openly to family, friends and anyone who would listen. They were actively energizing the grass roots. The Tea Party highlighted the arrogance of the ruling class’s disregard for the citizen’s concerns.

This spontaneous movement did not die as many progressives had hoped and continue to hope. It continued to grow as a viable alternative to the political establishment. The results are shocking the leaders of both political parties. Regardless of their political affiliation the American people are now aware that the professional politicians care about one thing: staying in power in D.C. The game of the republican or democrat party being significantly different from each other has been exposed.

Americans do not want eloquent words. They are demanding things get accomplished for the benefit of the people. They now insist on a doer, a leader who will get things back in order and back on track. The problems of illegal immigrant, growing government our huge debt, our incoherent foreign policy, international corporation corporate welfare all have to be resolved with strong common sense solutions not progressive rhetoric.

The people have been awakened and will not accept more of the same. These politically self-educated citizens are in search of a president. They expect all our representatives to work for the good of all America, not their own reelection or self-interest.  Like it or not the political establishment is realizing the Tea Party grassroots has increased exponentially spreading across party lines.

New converts to the principles of this movement were not and still are not acknowledged or recognized by the ruling class. These elites are in a state of panic about how this will affect their ability to control this election and future governments.

The full impact of the movement away from establishment politics will be more fully known only after the presidential election. Nevertheless the shockwaves are already being felt.

This presidential election will be a seismic event that hopefully changes the direction of American policies. By citizens doing their civic duty of politically educating themselves we will be placed again on a solid foundation. Our nation will be able to make a quantum leap forward in leadership for not only America but the free world.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Our colleges have emphasized the diversity of their student body. This has been promoted by government quota initiatives and preferences in admissions. The social engineering of our universities is supposedly due to the fact that campus’s with different socio-economic, ethnic or religious minorities provide an interactional arena for social and intellectual growth. Sharing ideas, beliefs and experiences among students should be a stimulating community for intellectual advancement.

The reality is universities are bastions of progressive socialist propaganda not a “free speech zone” for the open discussion of ideas.  They spiel out the same rhetoric over and over again, which is radical orthodoxy demanded of all students. The grievances of student interest groups are not only encouraged but also exploited to demonstrate and reinforce to students the professor’s belief that America is an unjust nation. These black, feminist, Latino, LGBT and Muslim study groups revise history by presenting biased and distorted one-sided testimonials. These various study groups are weakening the academic standards of so called “higher education.”

Diversity on university campuses has produced the opposite of free exchanges of different ideas. Instead there are self-isolating racial, ethics, religious and sexual cliques that attack anyone who voices anything that contradicts their belief system or hurts their feelings. These self centered, over indulged students have gone so far as to blame others for becoming uncomfortable in social situations. They have called this “micro aggression.” It is not what a person has done but what another student “feels” in the event. Another term they have coined is “triggering.” This is what  someone says that might cause the “victim” to recollect a bad past experience. In both cases it is how the person subjectively interprets not what was said or done by another person.

Speakers with traditional American values have not been allowed to speak since they are the enemy that must be censored. There have been scenes of pies being thrown at presenters, drowning them out with chanting, and even physical jumping up on the stage to intimidate the speakers and audiences. This is not an arena of promoting any diversity of thought.

Free speech is “free” to anyone who says things that coincide with the university students’ thinking or feelings. Anyone who makes statements that anger or oppose their feelings or ideas are attacked. They also believe their duty is to prevent opposing views. According to the thinking of the students anyone who disagrees with them is lying and should be prevented from speaking by any means possible. Tolerance is only for things they agree with, anything contrary should be stamped out for past social injustices supposedly done to these interest groups. These group members rationalize that they are only using extreme measures to be heard. They include stopping opponent’s rallies, blocking traffic and intimidating people with threats who have differing viewpoints.

These Gestapo tactics are indicators of a greater threat. Through social injustice, political correctness and hate speech laws our own government is spawning and supporting divisive movements such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Illegal Immigrant Rights, and Gun Control zealots. These group members are the soldiers who do the dirty work of repressing free speech.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s president, Everett Piper, received a standing ovation for telling a student “to grow up.” After this student heard a sermon on showing love to others he noted that he was upset and felt bad and he complained about it.  Piper admonished the student’s hurt feelings as self-absorbed narcissist behavior. President Piper said that a university is “…not a Daycare. It is a university.” In other words a university is a place to help you become a well- rounded, competent, educated person by listening to and understanding all sides of an issue not just your own viewpoint, “not to coddle you in your selfishness.”  

This so called tolerant word “diversity” is being used to transform America from a predominantly free, locally governed nation to a centrally controlled repressive government. There is no diversity of thought allowed. This transformation is taking place by pitting one group against another to obscure the process of removing everyone’s freedom except those who are fanatical believers for this powerfully controlled government that limits the freedom of the average citizen.

There is no diversity of thought found on universities or in the progressive government’s mass media. Instead they are centrally controlled institutions of indoctrination that pretend to be diverse by having different racial and ethnic spokespersons. The diversity of these universities is a hypocritical farce that camouflages the transition into a speech censored totalitarian government.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Except for government officials who have the right to carry guns, some people believe guns should not be allowed. They think it would eliminate violent crimes and killings. There is little or no appreciation that a gun carried by a law-abiding person acts as a deterrent and protection against violence. Guns to progressives not only symbolize evil but they believe if guns disappear from earth the world would be without killing.

After the recent San Bernardino mass killing President Obama argued for gun control as he has previously done after every other similar tragedy. He refused to mention any connection to radical Islam even when the facts were obvious. This incident happened in California, a state with one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. The gun laws that President Obama is advocating are already on the books and would not have prevented the massacre. Even his press secretary, Josh Earnest, admitted this in a press conference.

Furthermore the president had the audacity to repeat his false mantra: “I mean I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings. This just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

President Obama’s ridiculous statement was proclaimed just after the Islamic radicals killed 129 Parisians. He failed to remember or blatantly distorted the truth not only about the mass killings but also that “Isis was contained.”  There recently were mass killings in Norway, Israel, and Germany, in Nigeria and Cameroon as well as West Gate Mall in Kenya.  When you factor out gang killing from mass killing the United States is 8th in the world. It appears the president has a low opinion of the intelligence of the American people.

For the first time since 1920 the New York Times devoted their front page to an editorial. This editorial advocated more restrictive gun control even though San Bernardino, California has ultra restrictive gun laws. The zealots of gun control do not comprehend that it is evil people not guns that are the problem. Gun Free Zones, where no guns are permitted, are a sign to killers that this is a perfect place to commit atrocities since there is minimal threat to them.  There are thousands of city, state and national laws on the books to prevent criminals and mentally ill people from purchasing firearms. The cities and states that have the most restrictive gun laws, contrary to what most would believe, have more deadly violence on innocent people than places where there are significantly fewer gun laws.

The majority of thoughtful humans understand that violence would not end with the stricter gun control or even confiscation of guns because evil people would find other methods to harm or kill innocent victims. In fact they realize that a gun is only one weapon among many for mass killings.

In Switzerland where the government provides a gun for all citizens and trains them to use it, gun violence is the lowest in the world. Israeli politicians are pleading with gun owners to carry their weapons and assist in the rash of stabbings on the West Bank. Suicide bombers, cars driving into crowds and stabbings have become alternative means of killing. In New York City there have been hatchets used to attack policemen, pressure cooker bombs in Boston, box cutters, gas explosions, poisonings and even fists used as deadly weapons.  In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma two teenaged brothers left five family members dead or dying from stab wounds.

Nations that have eliminated guns from citizens have become more repressive governments. The inability of citizens to defend themselves through more intensive gun control laws has empowered governments to go further by confiscating them. The next step is to eliminate the lives of the opposition. This has been the pattern after confiscation: Mao’s China -20 million killed, Turkey- 1915-17 1.5 million Armenians killed, Germany 1939-45- 13 million killed, Guatemala 1964-81 100,000 Mayan Indians, Uganda 1971-79- 300,000 Christians killed, Cambodia 1975-77 one million killed. Millions of defenseless people were exterminated after gun confiscation left them defenseless and extremely repressive governments were established.

The founders of the USA understood this reality very well. It is the reason for the Second Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment was not to protect the rights of hunters as the progressive media is attempting to persuade us. It was established to enable “we the people” to stand up and defend ourselves against government tyranny.

The assault on guns to stop criminal violence is a naïve and bizarre notion. Guns in the hands of decent people can be a blessing while in the hands of evildoers is a potential tragedy. Terrorists and other criminals will always get weapons one way or another. People have a human right to protect themselves. The local government and state police response time is often too long to protect citizens from an ongoing attack. Weapons in the hands of the general public have been shown to be a restraint to criminal activity.

The issue is to contain evil. It is not possible to eliminate it, as it is part of the human condition. Guns are an equalizer against lawless people and a deterrent to out-of-control government attempting to establish a repressive totalitarian government.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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